Eletters is an extra by jgulledge19, first released on 2017-01-03.

Package Description

Eletters is a Addon for MODX Revolution that allows you to create & send beautiful email campaigns within MODX!  You can now take advantage of MODX advanced templating features to create custom eletter templates.  Easily manage lists & subscribers and allow subscribers to manage their own preferences.  Personalize your emails with some default placeholders.Features

  • Easy group and subscriber management
  • Allow users to subscribe through a contact form (FormIt)
  • Users must confirm subscription (link in email message)
  • User get an unsubscribe link in newsletters ([[+unsubscribeUrl]])
  • Select what groups users can subscribe to, one or many.
  • CSV Import, see core/components/groupeletters/docs/example-import.csv
  • Message queue, via the the System Settings chose your batch size and the time in between each email sent
  • Basic Statistics - Messages Sent, Delivered, Opened and Clicks
  • Added a formIt email hook(snippet) in 1.1


  • MODX Revolution 2.2+
  • FormIt - for subscribe page
  • CronManager - for automated queue

Usage/Installation Instructions

See the docs: http://rtfm.modx.com/display/ADDON/Eletters

Note for updating you may want to uninstall GroupEletters then install Eletters.


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Eletters Releases

Signature Released on  
1.1.1-pl 2017-01-03 (1 year ago)

We've also seen 1 unverified versions of Eletters in use on client sites, but have not been able of verifying those versions or finding out when they were released. We don't currently show these because do not yet have a way to automatically import a full historic record from a trusted source.