MIGX is an extra by Bruno17, first released on 2018-02-07.

Package Description

MIGX (multiItemsGridTv for modx) is a custom-tv-input-type for adding multiple items into one TV-value and a snippet for listing this items on your frontend.

It has a cofigurable grid and a configurable tabbed editor-window to add and edit items.

Each item can have multiple fields. For each field you can use another tv-input-type.

MIGXdb can manage (resource-related) custom-db-table-items in a TV and can help to create CMPs for custom-db-tables

See the official documentation here: http://rtfm.modx.com/display/addon/MIGX

Usage/Installation Instructions

Installation:Install via Package Management.

For MIGX and MIGXdb - Configuration - Management:

Create a new menu:System -> Actions Actions-tree:migx -> right-click -> create Acton herecontroller: indexnamespace: migxlanguage-topics: migx:default,filemenu-tree:Components -> right-click -> place action herelexicon-key: migxaction: migx - indexparameters: &configs=migxconfigs||packagemanager||setupclear cachego to components -> migx -> setup-tab -> setupIf you are upgrading from MIGX - versions before 2.0go to tab upgrade. click upgrade.This will add a new autoincrementing field MIGX_id to all your MIGX-TV-itemsThe getImageList-snippet needs this field to work correctly.

Note: Make sure to remove older versions of multiItemsGridTv and the multiitemsgridTv-namespace, if you had them tried from Github.

Note: Input Options for the MIGX only work for Revolution 2.1.0-rc2 and later.


First seen
Supported databases
Minimum MODX Requirement

MIGX Releases

Signature Released on  
2.12.0-pl 2018-02-08 (5 months ago)
2.11.0-pl 2017-07-17 (11 months ago)

We've also seen 35 unverified versions of MIGX in use on client sites, but have not been able of verifying those versions or finding out when they were released. We don't currently show these because do not yet have a way to automatically import a full historic record from a trusted source.