NewsPublisher is an extra by bobray, first released on 2017-06-01.

Package Description

3.0.x -- New Features -- No more extJS/modExt. No more dependence on the MODX TinyMCE extra. Uses the elFinder browser. Allows image editing (crop, rotate, resize) in browser. Loads TinyMCE 4 from  Automatically redirects to Login page for not-logged-in users. See changelog for full list.

NewsPublisher presents a modifiable form for creating new resources and editing existing resources in the front end of a web site. The NpEditThisButton snippet is also included, which displays a button to launch NewsPublisher for the current page.

NewsPublisher responds to the MODx security permissions for a page. Users without the appropriate permissions cannot create or edit pages they are not authorized to access.

You can now have multiple edit buttons on a single page and can place edit buttons in the Tpl chunk of getResources or any other aggregator snippet.

Usage/Installation Instructions

Install using Package Manager and see the tutorial at Bobs Guides


First seen
Supported databases
MySQL SQL Server
Minimum MODX Requirement

NewsPublisher Releases

Signature Released on  
3.0.4-pl 2017-06-01 (1 year ago)

We've also seen 3 unverified versions of NewsPublisher in use on client sites, but have not been able of verifying those versions or finding out when they were released. We don't currently show these because do not yet have a way to automatically import a full historic record from a trusted source.