SocialHub is an extra by sterc, first released on 2018-05-23.

Package Description

A MODX Extra which allows you to display social feed from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.


  • Stores social posts in the database for optimal performance.
  • Allows you to allow/disallow individual posts to be displayed on the website with a MODX CMP.
  • Comes with a snippet which accepts lots of options.

It retrieves the following content per Social Media channel:

  • Twitter: Retrieve posts from your own user timeline and/or retrieve posts by specifying one or multiple search keywords.
  • Facebook: Retrieve posts from your own user timeline.
  • Instagram: Retrieve posts from your own user timeline and/or retrieve posts by specifying one or multiple search keywords. Note: In order to retrieve posts from other users by using the search query the app needs the public_scope permission:
  • Youtube: Retrieve videos from your own user channel.

Usage/Installation Instructions

  • Install package via Package manager
  • Fill in the API credentials for the Social Media accounts you want to import feed from
  • Setup and run the SocialHub Cronjob located at /core/components/socialhub/elements/cronjobs/import.php

Note: Instagram API Credentials

In order to retrieve the Instagram Access Token you'll need to specify the Instagram API Code. You can retrieve this by visiting the following url:

After the authorization you will be redirected to the specified redirect URI and the Instagram Code will be stored automatically for you. Since the Instagram Code can only be used once, it will automatically be unset after it has been used to retrieve the Access Token.


The SocialHub cronjob imports the Social Feed from the social media accounts and store the data into the database. Feed that has already been imported into the database will be updated.

The cronjob is located at:/core/components/socialhub/elements/cronjobs/import.php


The SocialHub snippet can be used to retrieve the social posts from the database.


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Supported databases
Minimum MODX Requirement

SocialHub Releases

Signature Released on  
2.0.0-pl 2018-05-23 (1 month ago)

We've also seen 1 unverified versions of SocialHub in use on client sites, but have not been able of verifying those versions or finding out when they were released. We don't currently show these because do not yet have a way to automatically import a full historic record from a trusted source.