StreamPage is an extra by intersel, first released on 2018-06-25.

Package Description


In the content or a template of the "root" page, simply add:


Your templates used in the "stream" may call your TV the same way they are in getResources, eg tv.<template_var_name>.

Sample templates

You can have a look on the StreamPage_Root_Sample and StreamPage_Section templates.

StreamPage_Root_Sample may be applied on your root page, then the children of this page may use StreamPage_Section.

Hereafter a tree example of your resources

  • myHomePage (uses StreamPage_Root_Sample)
  • -> myFirstSection (uses StreamPage_Section)
  • -> mySecondSection (uses StreamPage_Section)
  • -> myThirdSection (may use any template whose content is like a chunk but with the use of template variables that can be configured for each child resource)


  • id
  • optional
  • default: current resource
  • The parent id to "stream".
  • streamTpl
  • optional
  • default: onePageChunk
  • a chunk name to apply on the children if default behaviour is not ok
  • limit
  • optional
  • default: no limit
  • similar to the getResources snippet property
  • Limits the number of resources returned. 
  • sortby
  • optional
  • default: menuindex
  • similar to the getResources snippet property
  • any Resource Field excluding Template Variables.
  • sortdir
  • optional
  •  default: asc
  • similar to the getResources snippet property
  • Order which to sort by
  • asc or desc
  • depth
  • optional
  • default: 1
  • similar to the getResources snippet property
  • Integer value indicating depth to search for resources from each parent. 
  • showHidden
  • optional
  • default: 1
  • similar to the getResources snippet property
  • If true, will show Resources regardless if they are hidden from the menus.


  • subpage
  • Always set to 1, tells to your template that it is used as a "stream" template.

Usage/Installation Instructions

Install via package manager.Create a root page resource set with StreamPage_Root_Sample templateCreate two resource children under the root page resource set with the StreamPage_Section template


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StreamPage Releases

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1.2-pl 2018-06-26 (24 days ago)