SwitchTemplate is an extra by jako, first released on 2018-02-26.

Package Description

SwitchTemplate changes the template of a MODX resource on the fly with a request parameter. Different settings with different setting keys could be set in a custom manager page.

With each setting a different template could be used to output the resource. As well the template type could be set to chunk or template. If the template type is chunk the resource variables and template variables are prepared as placeholder before the chunk is parsed. The caching of the output of SwitchTemplate could be enabled for each separate setting. The output is cached separate for each resource and each setting. Each setting could be enabled or disabled for selected resources. The output could be filtered to valid AMP markup.

SwitchTemplate could be used for different purposes: As Ajax connector, as language switcher, AMP output ...

For full details, see the SwitchTemplate documentation

This project is hosted on GitHub: https://github.com/Jako/SwitchTemplate

Usage/Installation Instructions

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SwitchTemplate Releases

Signature Released on  
1.2.2-pl 2018-02-26 (4 months ago)
1.2.1-pl 2017-12-04 (7 months ago)
1.2.0-pl2 2017-09-12 (10 months ago)

We've also seen 1 unverified versions of SwitchTemplate in use on client sites, but have not been able of verifying those versions or finding out when they were released. We don't currently show these because do not yet have a way to automatically import a full historic record from a trusted source.