Plans & Pricing

Try SiteDash one month for free, with all features and no restrictions. Change your plan at any time to unlock more sites. Save two months when you choose an annual plan.


or €90 billed annually (2 months free)

Basic Plan for 25 sites

  • Track 25 MODX Sites
  • Standard Email Support
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or €190 billed annually (2 months free)

Basic Plan for 100 sites

  • Track 100 MODX Sites
  • Standard Email Support
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or €490 billed annually (2 months free)

Basic Plan for 500 sites

  • Track 500 MODX Sites
  • Priority Email Support
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More than 500 sites? Custom requirements? Talk to Mark.

All plans include:

  • Sites are refreshed every 6 hours
  • Manually refreshes at any time
  • Unlimited User Accounts (coming soon)
  • Action Center with proactive alerts via email for issues and available updates
  • MODX Version Information
  • Installed Extras + Available Updates
  • Various Security Checks
  • Various System Information
  • SSL Certificate Verification

Standard Support

Not sure how to interpret certain information or alerts? Get stuck adding a site? Have ideas on how we should improve SiteDash?

Send us an email via

Free Trial

Sign up for any of our basic plans to start your free trial. The free trial lasts a month, during which you can use all of the basic plan features with no site restriction. At the end of the month you'll be asked to choose a monthly or annual plan to continue using SiteDash.


What payments do you accept?

At the moment, we're not yet taking payments. You can use any of our plans for free as if you were on an extended free trial. We plan to support Credit Card and PayPal, and potentially SEPA Direct Debit.

Do you offer refunds?

As there's a free month to try out SiteDash, no, we don't offer refunds. We will however work to make SiteDash as great for you as possible.

Can I change my plan later?

Yes, you can change your plan from your account. Upgrades are processed instantly, downgrades at the end of your billing cycle.

Other questions? Send us an email or join the #sitedash channel in the MODX Slack.

How does SiteDash communicate with my site? Is it secure?

You'll install the SiteDash Client package on your MODX site, and provide the unique Site Key generated in the dashboard during installation. When the site key is verified, we create a public/private key pair of which your site is provided the public key.

Then, whenever SiteDash requests information from your site, it signs that request using the private key, which is only known to the dashboard. Your site will verify the signature to make sure the request in fact came from SiteDash.

We do recommend serving your site over HTTPS to ensure the communications can't be read by others on the network.