Terms & Privacy Policy

Your use of the SiteDash platform is governed by these terms. Please take a moment to read it carefully.

Last updated: March 18, 2018.

1. Involved Parties

  • SiteDash is a project by Mark Hamstra Web Development, commonly trading under the registered name modmore, is the owner and operator of SiteDash. Mark Hamstra Web Development is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce as 52454606, and with the Dutch Tax Office as NL204136106B01. The registered address is Oenemastate 14, 8926PR, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.
  • User is any person that creates or uses a SiteDash account.

2. Dashboard

SiteDash includes an online dashboard that provides information about websites that User has connected. The information provided in this dashboard is considered private to the User, who must take care to protect their account information (username, password).

3. Data Collection

The collected data consists primarily of data provided by the connected website, through the use of the SiteDash Client plugin for MODX, and is augmented with data from other sources. These other sources include public sources, such as the DNS registry to provide information about the domain name User has entered, as well as proprietary or third party sources.

SiteDash may restrict access to, or limits storing of, certain data or offered functionality as part of the different plans that are available.

4. Data Sharing

SiteDash does not, and will not, sell or share any identifiable data with anyone other than User or other Users who have been provided access to the Account through the use of the Dashboard, or to consumers of an API that have been authorized on behalf of a user.

SiteDash may however provide, publish, or sell data, publicly or privately, under the express condition that it does not contain any information that can be reasonably traced back to a specific site or user and does not contain any unique identification (even if that identification is only known to User). This includes for example publishing charts and/or aggregated raw data on the usage of specific MODX or PHP versions or any other metric collected by SiteDash, or providing such information through an API and charging for usage.

In the context of this section, identifiable data that will not be shared outside the dashboard include:

  • Unique ID numbers or identifiers/keys used for sites, accounts, users, and other data which originates from User or sites connected by User.
  • Domain names, IP addresses, reverse hostnames
  • User's personal or account information, including billing address, on a level more granular than state or province.

5. Data Access by Mark Hamstra Web Development

While SiteDash limits access to data outside Mark Hamstra Web Development, any data collected or stored may be accessible by Mark Hamstra Web Development and its close partners and freelance team members. Access to this data is only used for improving the SiteDash platform, analysing how the platform is used and operating, providing customer support, to proactively reach out to users to improve their experience, or research sales/marketing opportunities.

Certain data may be shared with third party services for the purpose of providing support and targeted sales/marketing efforts. This includes email addresses, names, subscription information, and preferences that User entered or have been identified through earlier communication or usage. Only the strictly necessary information is shared.

6. Plans, pricing, payments, and refunds

SiteDash is offered with different plans and prices. These plans and prices may be changed by SiteDash at any time for any reason. In the event of a price change on existing plans, users who are in good standing with that plan, may choose to continue to receive the plan's benefit at the previous price for a period of at least 6 months, or until they change their plan, whichever is sooner.

Payments are processed by third party payment providers (PayPal, PayMill, Mollie) who are given access to varying user information for the purpose of completing the payment and fraud management. This includes the provided customer billing information, chosen plans and associated prices, and unique payment identifiers associated with a User.

User are entitled to a refund for their first subscription term, as long as the request for a refund is received via customer support within the first 14 days of billing. SiteDash will honour these refund requests unless there is a strong weighing reason not to, such as fraud, abuse of the platform, malicious intent, or breach of the terms.

7. Signups

User can sign up for a new account through the website. After confirming User's email address, User immediately gains access to the SiteDash dashboard. User is provided a free trial which allows User to evaluate the functionality SiteDash offers for a period of one calendar month. SiteDash may choose to limit or discontinue the free trial in any way or for specific individuals or entities to protect its platform or to comply with international legislation.

8. Upgrades, Downgrades and Cancellations

User may initiate an upgrade or downgrade at any time through the account dashboard, as long as the original account holder has approved the user to make those changes.

When User chooses their first plan following the free trial, the plan is only activated after payment is confirmed. For any subsequent plan changes, the due payment is immediately billed to a payment method on-file. If the payment method on-file does not support instant payment confirmation, User is immediately provided the benefits of an upgraded plan under the condition that in the event of a failed payment User provides payment via an alternative method within 7 days.

Upgrades are processed immediately. Depending on the offer made to the User, the upgrade may consists of an initial pro-rated amount up to the next scheduled renewal date followed by automatic renewals for the full price after that, or an upgrade where the remaining time on User's current plan is calculated into an equivalent time period for the newly chosen plan.

Downgrades are only possible when the current usage of User's account fits within the chosen plan. Downgrades are processed immediately. Depending on the offer made to the user by the SiteDash dashboard, the downgrade may take effect at the end of the current renewal period, or it is calculated into an equivalent time period for the newly chosen plan.

Cancellations are, in effect, downgrades to a free plan. When initiated by User, the current usage of User's account must fit their in the limits of the free plan. If User's usage does not fit in the new plan, they may be prevented access to the account or functionality within until the usage is adjusted or User chooses a fitting plan.

9. Deletions

By deleting sites or information in the dashboard, said data is removed from the database. This happens instantly, however data may remain in off-site backups for a period of 3 months.

Users that wish to delete their account are encouraged to remove the sites from their account, followed by cancelling their account to the free plan. As we are required to keep certain information in accordance with law and regulations, we do not currently support completely removing accounts.

10. Questions & Contact

With any questions about these terms, the product(s) offered, pricing or refunds, please contact support@modmore.com.