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Get Control

SiteDash gives you a clear, central, dashboard listing all your MODX sites. After the initial set-up, SiteDash polls your site several times per day to spot potential issues before your client.

Simple Setup

The simple setup relies on a single, free, plugin. Install it in your MODX site once and the plugin will facilitate secure communication with the dashboard until you uninstall it.

Works on all servers

Do you host on a shared server, VPS, MODX Cloud, modhost, or a custom cluster? As long as your site is web-accessible and you can install a MODX plugin, you're ready to go.

Showing some sites in the SiteDash dashboard - woefully out of date!

What can SiteDash tell me?

MODX Version Information

See what MODX version your site uses, and whether that it is a safe version or has known vulnerabilities.

Installed MODX Extras

See what extras are installed and from what source, and whether they are up to date or not. Also includes a version history, so you can see what versions were installed before.

MODX Error Log size

The error log in MODX is a great source of information, if you check it. SiteDash shows you its size and creates alerts in your Action Center if it grows over 15MB.

User Counts

If you know a site is managed by 2 users, then you might want to know when there are 3 users, including how many of them are sudo users, with their username, for a quick check.

PHP Version

While MODX runs on PHP 5.3, you'd be better off on PHP 7. SiteDash will show you what version each site uses with alerts in the future when MODX requires a higher version.

Core Security Check

For security, your core folder should be moved out of the webroot, at at the very least locked down to prevent access. SiteDash verifies that, and sends an alert if it's not locked down.

Setup folder removed

Because you should never leave your setup folder in place, SiteDash checks if it might still be around from a recent update. You also get alerts in your action center.

Server IP + Hostname

When you need to check on the server, it helps to know which one it's on! SiteDash shows the Server IP and reversed hostname, and lets you see all sites on a server.

Disk Space Usage

Had a site go down because the server ran out of disk space? If so, no more, with disk space usage and Action Center alerts at thresholds.


A simple self-reported check indicates if the server thinks it runs on HTTPS or not.

SSL Certificate Check

If your site uses HTTPS, we'll validate the certificate is valid for the domain and provide details on the certificate in the dashboard.

Database Type & Versions

SiteDash will show you if you run the MySQL, sqlsrv or other database types on a site. It also shows the database server/client versions.

Memory & Time Limits

Some applications or sites require a longer memory or time limit, now you can tell easily from SiteDash what your site can use.

Open MODX Manager

SiteDash offers a useful button that takes you directly to your site's manager, even when it was renamed.


Each time we refresh your site, we'll check the nameservers associated with your domain.

A / AAAA DNS Records

SiteDash shows both your IPv4 and IPv6 server addresses, as they are currently reported in the DNS system.

Site-specific Notes

You can add your own notes to each site to remind you about a contact person, SLA, or anything else you want to know.

Crashed Tables

With every refresh, we make sure your sessions database table is working well. If not, you'll get an alert.

What users say

SiteDash is AMAZING! Previously we had an Excel sheet with a list of every site, a MODX version and notes, basically SiteDash helps automate that process and be much more proactive. I love it!

Mike Lannen, Founder + Creative Director at Eternity

Hello, Action Center

Screenshot showing some example alerts in the Action Center, including a check for the setup folder, and unprotected core directory.

The Action Center notifies you about potential problems, before your client does.

Every time SiteDash refreshes the information it has on your site, we also run a number of tests. Are you running a safe version of MODX? Do you have enough disk space? Have new super users been added? Is your core folder still secure? If it finds anything, and the list of things SiteDash checks is constantly growing, we'll create an alert in your Action Center.

You will be sent an email for every new alert. That way you can rest assured that your sites are all in order, even if you didn't check the dashboard.

Alerts stay in your dashboard until we detect with the next refresh that the problem has been resolved.

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Analyze your Error Log in seconds

Screenshot showing some example alerts in the Action Center, including a check for the setup folder, and unprotected core directory.

The MODX error log can be noisy. SiteDash cuts through the noise to tell you what is really happening.

Simply click the Analyze button, and SiteDash downloads and analyzes your error log. It removes duplicate records (while keeping track of when errors were logged), and presents you with a readable error message instead.

Over time, we'll be able of adding additional information to an error message to help understand what it is about, and what you can do to fix it.

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Get the team involved

Screenshot showing the team management

Managing your sites, whether it's just the one or hundreds of client sites, can be a lot of work. SiteDash supports multiple users per account so everyone can be involved and stay informed. Give each member of your team their own login, with their own permissions, to share the maintenance tasks without sacrificing control.

Users can also be part of multiple workspaces from their single login.

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What else can SiteDash do?

Analyze your database tables & collations

With a single click, SiteDash will check the status of all of your database tables. It lets you know which one need to be repaired, and also makes sure that you use the same collation on each table and column. Plus, if SiteDash found crashed tables, it can also repair them for you remotely.

Permission-based notifications

The team management lets you define permissions for each user, and those permissions also dictate what notifications a user gets. Someone without billing access wont receive invoices, and users without access to the sites do not get alerts about your sites.

<Insert your great ideas here>

We're actively developing and improving SiteDash. If you have great ideas for new checks, or maintenance tasks SiteDash could automate, let us know!

SiteDash is in public beta

Since October 2017, we've sent 677 alerts for 593 sites for our users. We've analyzed 233 error logs, with 3,870,465 messages of which 90,485 were unique.

Plus, we're tracking 75 versions of MODX, and 884 Extras.

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